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Red Tricycle: Have Fun With Your Kids

Being a new mom in a city—even a city you know and love and have lived in for years—can take on its own set of challenges. After a late night google search for “museums with changing tables” or similar turned up Red Tricycle.

Red Tricycle, a website dedicated to helping parents have fun with their kids. Red Tricycle is not about health tips or checklists or potty training tactics. It’s about neighborhood guides, road trips, daily awesome events, fairs, festivals, playgrounds and secret gardens. After being a regular reader, one day I noticed a call for freelance writers and began my work with them in March of 2013 with this article:

A Shipwreck Walk for Your Little Skipper

IMG_5176 After a few months I began curating their events calendar, which means I scour the Bay Area and all points North, South, and East for awesome, off-beat, and irresistible things people can do with their kids. Check out the SF home page and the events calendar here: http://redtri.com/san-francisco-kids/ Red Tricycle, in addition to having a national market, also cover Atlanta, SoCal, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York. I am very proud of my work with them and to be in the company of so many amazing writers, parents, and editors, many of whom are all of those things and more.

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